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 Admitted Commercial

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Washington Admitted Habitational Package

     Eligible Classes

    • Apartment Buildings & Complexes, with/without retail
    • Condominiums with or without retail

     Limits & Distance To Coast

    • $20 million per location
    • Must be located at least 5 miles from the coast


    • Property
    • General Liability
    • Crime


    • Special form, agreed amount, replacement cost; Equipment Breakdown, Ordinance or Law; Flood and EQ
    • Property enhancement endorsements:

    – Property Broadening Form A or

    – Property Broadening Form B

    • Property deductibles options: $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000

    – Flood and EQ deductibles: $25,000

       General Liability

      • $1M/$2M limits; Hired non owned auto, employee benefits
      • General Liability deductible: Not applicable
      • Stop Gap coverage available


      • Limits of $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000
      • Seven crime coverage options available

      Carrier Rating

      • A – VIII (Excellent)

      Multiple Locations? Try Core E&S.

      Swyfft’s online quoting is perfect for single locations, admitted coverage. When you need to quote multi-location accounts try Core Programs E&S Program. Email your submissions to apps@core-progams.com.

      All coverage written through Swyfft is rated A- or better by AM Best.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      My agency's E&O policy is expiring. How do I update it?

      If the E&O policy we have on file for your agency expires, you won’t be able to bind coverage. The fastest way to update it is online. Once logged in to Swyfft.com, visit this page, where you can upload your agency’s most recent E&O policy. If you have trouble, contact us at marketingteam@swyfft.com.

      How do I add a new user/update login credentials?

      Simply send an email to marketingteam@swyfft.com and we will make the update!

      How long are commercial quotes valid for?

      Quotes are valid for 90 days from the date they are created. 

      Where can I update our expired Agency license?

      How do I transfer policies between agents?

      Simply send an email to marketingteam@swyfft.com and we’ll be happy to make any needed adjustments.

      What are the Commercial property enhancement endorsements?


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