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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Swyfft do Mid-term BOR's?

No. At this time, Swyfft does not do mid-term BOR’s.

What is Agency Download Services?

Our company has partnered with IVANS for this service. The Agency Download Service is an automated process that allows Swyfft policy information to download directly into an agency’s management system.


  • IVANS Download translates the data into a shareable format across multiple agency systems.
  • The policy data is synchronized between Swyfft and the agency via updating the data on the agency’s system.
  • IVANS download streamlines the process using ACORD standards to drive agency efficiency and reduce E&O exposure. This will save time by eliminating re-keying of data as well as allowing for easier policy administration with a single workow for your employees. The result, more time to concentrate on service and revenue generating activities.

How long are commercial quotes valid for?

Quotes are valid for 90 days from the date they are created. 

How do I update mortgagee information?

The following mortgagee changes and endorsements can be made online in real-time:

  • Update mortgagee/bank information
  • Add an additional mortgagee

To do so, log in, click on History and search for the policy. Click the arrow icon to Manage Policy. Click the Manage Payment button. If the policy is set for escrow bill, you will see an option to Edit Billable Interests. Click this option and complete the form.

How do I update/change Mortgagee information?

How long do endorsements typically take to be completed?

Be on the lookout for your endorsement 24-72 hours from the requested date. If it’s an emergency, simply mark it as urgent and we will try to take care of it ASAP for you.


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