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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Swyfft do Mid-term BOR's?

No. At this time, Swyfft does not do mid-term BOR’s.

Does Swyfft have any age restrictions on homes?

No. However, Swyfft does NOT accept designated historic landmark homes. We require that the electrical and plumbing systems need to be reasonably updated. We do not accept non-circuit breaker electric panels, nor do we accept dwellings with split bus and fuse boxes, Stablok, Federal Pacific, GTE‐Sylvania, Challenger, Eaton and Cutler-Hammer or Zinsco electric panels.

How do I quote an E&S Home policy?

You have two options:

  1. Begin a new quote on the Homeowners screen, entering an address. If it’s ineligible for our admitted program, you may be prompted to continue with an E&S quote
  2. Start directly as an E&S quote by choosing E&S Homeowners.

How do I update mortgagee information?

The following mortgagee changes and endorsements can be made online in real-time:

  • Update mortgagee/bank information
  • Add an additional mortgagee

To do so, log in, click on History and search for the policy. Click the arrow icon to Manage Policy. Click the Manage Payment button. If the policy is set for escrow bill, you will see an option to Edit Billable Interests. Click this option and complete the form.

How do I update/change Mortgagee information?

How long do endorsements typically take to be completed?

Be on the lookout for your endorsement 24-72 hours from the requested date. If it’s an emergency, simply mark it as urgent and we will try to take care of it ASAP for you.


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