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We provide our agents with customized digital posts to grow their brand & business.

Quick. Easy. That’s the Swyfft quote and bind experience. And now, we’ve made marketing your agency just as simple. When you partner with Swyfft, you’ll gain access to our team of marketing pros. We’ll assist you in creating high-quality graphics customized with your logo and agency contact information. All you have to do is post them!

How It Works | Agent Stories

We have dozens of assets to choose from. And if you need something special, we’ll make it for you.  Here are the stories of a few Swyfft Agents currently participating in our Co-Marketing Program….

Post Promotes Commercial Coverage for HOA's/COA's

The Baban Agency

Tiffanys Story

Tiffany, like many of our agents, requested ALL of our customized digital marketing assets. She’s been steadily using them to attract more customers and retain more clients by strategically posting them on her agency’s social media accounts. In this example, Tiffany is targeting Home and Condo Associations needing insurance coverage up to $20 million in TIV.  She also lets customers know she can get a quote in one minute, instead of days.

MJ Insurance Enterprises

Maria’s Story

Maria started out using our social media assets (including this one) to target potential new home buyers. She quickly realized she was on to something. She reached out to us asking if she could use one of her customized banners for mail outs – our response? We encourage it!

Fun Fact: This kicked off the start of creating customizable mailers and email templates for our Agents too! 

Post Promotes Homeowners Insurance

Post Promotes Homeowners Insurance

Zard Insurance

Chris’s Story

Just like Tiffany, and most of our Agents, Chris requested ALL of our digital marketing assets to be customized for his agency. His plan is to schedule each asset on his social media throughout the year. We were thrilled at Chris’s enthusiasm, and couldn’t help but smile when he wrote to us saying, “I’ll take all you’ve got!”. 

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We’ve Customized Hundreds of Assets for Our Agents

Check out some of our most popular below. We even include suggested copy for social media posts, making it simple and easy.

commercial post

Suggested Copy: Everyone loves a pool party. But the party’s over if your HOA doesn’t have the right insurance to cover it and other shared structures. You and your neighbors could be hit with expensive assessments. Together with Swyfft, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Post

Suggested Copy: When catastrophe strikes, homeowners’ associations need commercial insurance for common areas not covered by unit owners’ insurance. We can help. Contact us today at [insert agency details].

Claims post

Suggested Copy: Swyfft Policyholders: Be ready. If you experience storm damage, know how to report it. Filing a claim online is easy:


equipment breakdown

Suggested Copy: One power surge can destroy every electronic in your home, costing you thousands of dollars. Visit our partner Swyfft’s Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Microsite to experience a power surge firsthand and learn helpful tips to minimize loss.

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